Outline Sample for a Definition Essay

How to write outline for a definition essay?

  • Elect an appropriate term or concept and state clearly what is being defined
  • Provide basic information that defines the term, and relate this to the audience
  • Choose a thesis statement that represents what you want to say
  • Choose one idea for each paragraph and  support this with the main ideas
  • Use clear and concise terms when defining the terms and address the reader/ audience
  • Write a paragraph that reiterates the main ideas and possibly restates the thesis statement.

The outline for a definition essay is similar to that of other essays, with the introduction, body paragraphs and the conclusion. As such, the outline for a definition essay ought to grab the readers’ attention, while the ideas representing the body paragraphs are explored to support the thesis.  The conclusion wraps up the essay and synthesizes information while highlighting the importance of the concept or term being defined.  When creating the definition essay outlining efforts are made to focus on the details, logical flow and transitions.

Definition essay outlining: Integrity


Integrity refers to reliability, honesty and truthful behavior where people are morally upright. In personal life  and professional life those who uphold integrity are upright when face with moral dilemmas, and will not use dishonesty to get things done.

Decision making in business

  • Those who make honest decisions when dealing with customers/ clients without lying to them support integrity
  • Building trust is  essential in business and organizations, as stakeholders should be transparent in their dealings to create a rapport with clients/ customers, employees and other stakeholders

Being truthful to oneself

  • When people act honestly they do not to pretend to be someone they are not when interacting with others, and integrity is related to positive moral values
  • Other people recognize those who uphold integrity as they are honest with themselves and stand up for what is right.
  • People with integrity are consistently honest in their personal dealings and they way they interact with other people.


Focusing on transparency and accountability indicates that the people value integrity, even as they seek to foster trust and make decisions that preserve their moral values.

Outline of definition topic- Patriotism


If you have been loyal and supportive of your country, then you are patriotic and proud of it.  Patriotism is the love, defense and devotion to your country that you can serve when called upon to do so. On the other hand, those who are unpatriotic engage with the enemies of the state and have no hesitation betraying their country’s interests.


  • Supporting positive changes
  • Supporting universal suffrage
  • Ending war efforts with no benefits to a country
  • Changing health care to ensure more affordable coverage to improve health care provision and the quality of service

Voting and campaigning

  • Opening up the democratic process to identify candidates who meet the voters’ needs
  • Supporting the right to vote for all people without disenfranchising particular groups
  • Voting for presidents who look out for the country’s interest as evidenced by their domestic and foreign policies.


Patriots not only love their country, but they are willing to defend it. Choosing the right leaders and supporting policies and laws that advance the country’s interest demonstrate honor and loyalty regardless of the difficulties that a country faces.

Third example of outline: friendship


Close relationship where people or entities also share a close bond and live harmoniously as there is mutual trust. Friendship is characterized by concern for friends and genuine friendship.

Concern for others

  • Friends look out for others and they are reassured that when the need arises, there will be someone ready to comfort them
  • Friendship is not selfish, but true friendships still hard to come by.
  • Ideally, friendship should be a positive influence, but there are instances where people may be led astray, where one entity has selfish reasons in the friendship.

Genuine love

  • There is a genuine bond and love among friends, as people show care and concern to their friends
  • People are not taught to be friends, but rather build their relations as they understand the situation themselves, and your friends will not put you down.


Friends look out for each other and show genuine concern through their actions and decisions.